Legs of Steel

3 Oct

DAY 69 — Intersection of SR 56 and Blue Ridge Parkway, VA (Road median) to Mineral, VA (Multi purpose room stage, Volunteer Fire Station).

Total mileage: 106.5
Total cycling time: 8:24
Average speed: 12.7
Maximum speed: 39.4

With our gear still soaked from a rainy night on the Blue Ridge Parkway, we woke up well before sunrise and pedaled our way out of Appalachia. To navigate yesterday’s thick fog and drizzle, we made sure to consume high-calorie fuel for the road: in addition to gas station snacks, we finished a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of multi-grain bread.

History is all around us in Virginia. People here seem to take an earnest and reverent interest in the relics of America’s past, such as Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello or James Monroe’s Ash Lawn. Unlike some scenes in the comparatively-young West, these places date back to the founding of our nation. It seems that the culture here is much more about preservation and remembrance, rather than a race for progress in a dynamic, tech-driven world.

We struck gold in the mining town of Mineral, VA. To celebrate another century ride, as well as the first day of October, we shopped for Friday night fajita dinner ingredients. The Volunteer Fire Station allowed us to sleep indoors and dry all of our clothing in their multi purpose room, cook our feast in a full service kitchen, and watch all the big screen television we could handle.

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