At the Yorktown Victory Monument in Yorktown, VA!


David’s Images (Uploaded Day 71 – October 3, 2010):


From sea to shining sea!


At the Yorktown Victory Monument with Elliot's grandfather




Elliot's family welcomed us with hugs and kisses and champagne


Puffing cigar smoke at the finish line


Our bedroom after a 127 mile day: Kappa Alpha at the College of William and Mary


Preparing a fajita feast at the volunteer fire station in Mineral, VA after a 106.5 mile day


Final major descent of the trip


The Blue Ridge Parkway is actually very blue


5:00am wake up call at our worst campsite -- a road median near Montebello, VA


Dark, foggy, and very steep -- we ascended Mt. Vesuvius in less than ideal conditions


Elliot's rear tire called it quits in Virginia


Spending the night on a food pantry floor at the Troutville Baptist Church


We cycled through all weather conditions


Saying it loud and clear in the swing state of Virginia


There's no better way to celebrate map 12 of 12


Deluxe deli shipment from a loving big sister


Elliot zigs and zags his way down the mountain


Following Bike Route 76, as in 1976 -- the year of the Bikecentennial


Misty mountains in Virginia


State 10 of 10!


The Hellier Baptist Church prayed for a man with diabetes, then they prayed for us


Sleeping accommodations at the Freeda Harris Baptist Center in Lookout, KY


She let us crash Latisha and Shannon's household/wedding shower


Mountaintop mining is big business in eastern Kentucky


The Christian volunteer group fed us, donated to our cause, and let us spend the night


The Appalachia Service Project in Chavies, KY


Owner of the H.C. Sparks Kentucky Food Store


Trailer trash is typical throughout Appalachia


He left early in the morning, entrusting his home to us


Dr. George Schloemer saw us biking around Berea, KY and offered to take us in


Renegade campsite at the Rodeo Pavilion in Harrodsburg, KY


Fish sandwiches for lunch at Save-a-Lot in Bardstown, KY


Charlie Thurman shows us around The Thurman-Phillips House in Sonora, KY


Free steaks at the Double L Grocery in Big Clifty, KY


Our bedroom at the volunteer fire station in Utica, KY


Chicken enchilada dinner at the Myles family home in Utica, KY


Marian gave us free groceries and sandwiches at JR's Market


Tobacco leaves drying inside a country barn


Kentucky farms chicken




Crossing the Ohio River (IL-KY border) via car ferry



Challah French toast for breakfast with the Pearlmans in Carbondale, IL



TransAm Roll # 5 (Uploaded Day 61 – September 23, 2010):

Elliot’s most recent photos are live!  Click here to see the latest in our saga.


David’s Greatest Hits (Uploaded Day 56 – September 18, 2010):


Kol Nidre services at Congregation Beth Jacob in Carbondale, IL



Bunk bed chamber at the Chester Aerie, Fraternal Order of Eagles #3252



Crossing the mighty Mississippi into the Land of Lincoln



Sunset near the MO-IL border



Private bike path -- always a treat



Glass in David's rear tire



After getting caught in a severe rainstorm, nothing is better than a motel pizza party



A roller coaster road



Missouri nature scene



Misty morning in Eminence, MO city park



Lots of these (and vice versa) in the Ozarks



Ozark National Scenic Riverway, MO



"Bathroom" in a Missouri public library



One pound patty melt for lunch



Missouri barn



Home in a city park



Paul comes out of nowhere to offer warm showers. Good timing: we hadn't bathed in two weeks.



Missouri certainly showed us!



We slept in the beer garden, to the left



The smoking patio sheltered us from tornado watch weather



Weather is very important to these people



$1 Budweisers



Making friends at the His and Hers Bar in Walnut, KS



It's not easy to bike through this



Ignoring a road closure means very muddy pedals and gummed up break pads



We made sure he crossed the road safely




Preparing for Rosh Hashanah fish feast. We had apples and honey, too.



We've signed a lot of guest books



Foggy morning ride



David’s Photos (Uploaded Day 46 – September 8, 2010):


Before the trim. We are identically aerodynamic now.



Buzz cut at Bill's Barber Shop in Hesston, KS



There's no stopping us



Road closure = dirt biking



He let us enter the danger zone



City parks have all we need, except showering facilities



Way to go



Dinner at the gas station



Big gulp for a thirsty guy



Safe in Casey's General Store after extreme night-riding



Elliot is cruising



These are filled with wheat, corn, milo, or soybeans. They are everywhere.



Western Kansas: more straight and more flat than you think



The road ahead



Elliot's tire troubles



City park campsite



David explores a field of milo



City park camping



Celebrating our first century ride at the Beer Barn in Leoti, KS



More malts and shakes



Lots of these menus around



Grain elevators galore



Our gold standard for lunch



Buck and Wes school us about Kansas agriculture



State six of ten



Recumbent riders, AKA "two vets riding out the recession"



Riding two by two



Heat exhaustion



A long, lonely road



Union Pacific boxcars are all over eastern Colorado



Extra thick chocolate malt for David, strawberry shake for Elliot



We love city parks



A few hoodlums wanted to sit next to us outside Safeway



Mazurka cookies, Latvian sardines, wool socks



Care package from Mom at our halfway point: Pueblo, CO



Free city park camping



Beautiful Colorado road, take two



Beautiful Colorado road



Renegade camping with a deluxe dinner



Hoosier Pass, CO -- highest point on the TransAmerica Trail



Cam at A-1 Auto in Breckenridge, CO "taps and dies" the problem



Elliot's defunct trailer bolt



TransAm Roll # 4 (Uploaded Day 45 – September 7, 2010):

Elliot’s images are here for your viewing pleasure.  Out of the mountains and into the plains!


David’s Snapshots (Uploaded Day 34 – August 27, 2010):


Premium bike storage at Thunder Mountain Lodge, Breckenridge, CO



Morning at Dillon Reservoir, CO



Dinner at Dillon Reservoir, CO



Summit County Recreation Path



Beef jerkey shopping



Pie and massive serving of ice cream for breakfast



Breakfast at the Country Cupboard, Kimmerling, CO



That's right



USA all the way



Powered by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act



Electrolytes and the road ahead



Roadside lunch



Cows in the A.M.



Routt National Forest, CO



Major renegade camping. Cooking in the dark with bugs in our faces.



At the WY-CO state line



Beef jerkey is the good stuff



Double rainbow as we approach Colorado



After endless headwinds and crosswinds -- what a treat!






Campsite in Rawlins, WY



It's called the Discount Grocery for a reason



Shopping at the Discount Grocery in Rawlins, WY



Action shot, about to cross one of many Continental Divides



You bet!



Breakfast in the gas station



Muddy Gap Junction, WY



Wyoming landscape



We eat plenty of this stuff



Ghost town: Jeffrey City, WY



Peanut butter all the time



Lunch in the shade



America's average shoulder: road cracks and rumble strips



They love us



Native American friends, also sleeping in Lander City Park, WY



Lunch in Lander, WY: pancakes on steroids. I came close to finishing all three.



Camping in Lander City Park, WY



TransAm Roll # 3 (Uploaded Day 32 – August 25, 2010):

Elliot’s third round of photos are here for your entertainment and education.  Happy viewing!


David’s Best of the Best (Uploaded Day 26 – August 19, 2010):


Wyoming badlands



This stuff gives you power



Fish for lunch



Canned bean city



From a supermarket message board



Having fun



Pickup ride down the mountain, WY



That's right



Showing off the team jersey



Jon celebrates at Grand Tetons



Old Faithful frozen yogurt



Old Faithful spectators



Hot stuff



Big bison



Road map



Bison sighting in Yellowstone



Earthquake Lake, near Yellowstone, MT



Morning condensation



San Mateo pride



Riding at dusk



The golden hour



Snack break



Bike-only campground



Rainstorm on the way



Jackson Hot Springs, MT



Clouds everywhere



Big Sky Country



Jay and Therese



Sleeping quarters - Jay's greenhouse shop



A feast for the ages



Elliot in teacher mode



Pausing for reflection



Desiderata, courtesy of the Toth family



Bread aisle at the Missoula Food Bank



Intake card



Nick at the Missoula Food Bank



We made it on the wall of fame






Adventure Cycling headquarters



Toth ladies



Toth family kitchen



Nighttime in Missoula, MT



Yes we can!



Serious business!



U.S. History



Recumbent tandem machine



Renegade camping



Lochsa River, ID



Phillip carbo-loads



Isaac and Donovan



Looking good



We love public libraries



White Bird Hill, ID



Water break



Lots of these around



Coasting along the Salmon River, ID



Taking a break



Zims Hot Springs, ID



Big breakfast



Huckleberry milkshakes



TransAm Roll # 2 (Uploaded Day 26 – August 19, 2010):

Click here for Elliot’s second round of pictures from the TransAmerica Trail. Enjoy!


David’s Greatest Hits (Uploaded Day 11 – August 4, 2010):


Filling station



We finished it all



Bike shop



Lunch break



Chris and Bobby



Top of McKenzie Pass, OR



Morning mechanics



Chili dinner



Henschel's Farm



Free smoked salmon at the Salt Creek Store, OR



Roadside scene






Last visit to the Pacific Ocean



Miles for Meals in action!



Tillamook River, OR



Break time



Departing Astoria



Album # 1 (Uploaded Day 11 – August 4, 2010):

Check out Elliot’s pictures


More classic images — a few pictures from our Cornell days:


David and Elliot



Elliot at the Green Dragon Cafe



David at the Green Dragon Cafe



Elliot and David after a long Vespa ride



Elliot and David, 2006:


A vintage from our living room at 414 Stewart Avenue, Ithaca, NY



4 Responses to “Gallery”

  1. Marina Nacamuli September 19, 2010 at 12:41 pm #

    It’s Marina, Erin’s friend!!! I’m so inspired by what you are doing!!! Congratulations!!!

    Keep updating this!!! I’ll be checking!!! 🙂


  2. Cathy Fuller September 30, 2010 at 1:26 pm #

    Hi Elliot,
    It’s Cathy Fuller from Tallmadge Ohio. You observed in my classroom a few years ago. Your Dad keeps me posted on your adventures and this one is certainly awesome! Keep pedaling and pay attention to the pavement! Cheers!

  3. Jacqueline and Adam December 19, 2010 at 8:05 pm #

    Good to see you and your lovely family yesterday. Adam and I are on date night and your website won over YouTube comedians.

  4. Tammie January 2, 2015 at 5:33 am #

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